I’m going to start posting some information about forms that we train in our style. Master Scotty and I were discussing this at class on Thursday. He’s been posting info on his Twitter feed for a while now. It looks like code and that’s because it’s not supposed to be easy for you to understand.

But lets start a conversation about it. And maybe in the future I’ll share it in a video.

Here we go – Kempo 1

Begin in neutral position. Toes together, heels slightly apart (to open your hip joints), hands at your side.  Take a bow – the proper way to start any form in our style.

Holding the Sand with your right hand, sweep across your body and back to inside Walking Tiger above your right shoulder.

Closed Crane with left leg, sweep left to downward block (protecting your left knee).

Full step forward to right leading and Push-Pull.

Withdraw to front Cat stance.

Another Holding the Sand and Walking Tiger on the right side.

Closed Crane sweeping right to separation block.

Turn right foot out on heel to 45 degrees right of center. Bring left food forward to meet your right foot, then extend 45 degrees off center to the left into Riding Horse position.

Lean back so more of your weight is on your right leg, Sweeping Palm with your left  hand to a low Tiger Punch.

Turn on left heel to closed crane at 45 degrees left of center. Then step down with right foot forward into late Open X position.

Left hand performs a Sweeping Palm while right hand moves to inverted backhand. Then Walking Tiger (to trap a strike coming from the right side).

Turn on right heel while extending your left foot as you turn to face the what was behind you. Knife Hand block (as opposed to strike) with your right hand. Then Pai-hu Shih rising block with your left arm.

Full step with right foot while “Grooming the Aura” to a high Push-Pull.

Once again, Holding the Sand, to Walking Tiger, while Closed Crane with left foot.

Sweep left with downward block.

Full step forward with right foot and Push-Pull.

And this concludes the first portion of our Kempo form. It probably doesn’t make much sense, as I said. But perhaps, in time, as it makes sense to me, it’ll make sense to you.

More will follow!