Martial arts are not a complicated idea.

The more I train, the more intricacies that become apparent to me, the more I realize that it’s not a mystical, complicated system.

There are two key components to being a good martial artist.

  • learn to avoid being struck by your attacker
  • learn to strike your attacker


Here’s where it gets complicated

To get good at these two things you need to practice a lot. Each attack you make needs to be defensive as well. If your right arm is attacking, your left arm needs to be prepared to defend. At the same time, your posture should make you as difficult as possible for your attacker to strike you in any meaningful way.

Why it needs to be simple

Your training needs to commit actions to subconscious thought. You don’t have time to strategize when you’re being attacked, so you need to develop strategy in your training.

Complicated defences won’t work. Train a defence and an attack.

Defend, attack, defend, attack. Always in that order. Martial arts are not designed to attack and then defend because that is not how a true warrior behaves. A true warrior’s offence is his or her principles – by applying them to guidance and diplomacy.

Should this offence fail, the true warrior is equipped to defend their principles with deadly accuracy and force.